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        Exclusive Personal Training

If you're in the Asheville North Carolina area & are interested in having all of the tools to make a life changing decision to be the best you possible, we offer ongoing & short term personal training. 


 Personal training is a great choice for those who want to progress but struggle with training on your own, or want to fine tune your movements with real-time feedback and a highly individualized program. Also, enhance your remote training with a few directly focused personal training sessions to get you moving in the right direction & to gain confidence in new movements.


Our facility has everything you need for developing a Swift & Strong™ functional body. Our knowledgeable & caring coaches will exclusively work with you to ensure your training will be a favorite part of your day as well as supplement the rest. Bring your focus-- We'll handle the rest. 

How This Works

Initial Consultation & FMS (Functional Movement Screening)


First, we setup a consultation either face to face with our team or via video call to ensure we’re a proper fit for each other. This is a big deal, believe it or not. From there, we setup a free 1 hour functional movement screening to gain a basic understanding of your goals as well as the way you naturally move. The assessment process may take 2 or 3 sessions to gain a true understanding of your movement. The purpose of this consultation is to:


  • Set the foundation of trust, honesty and authenticity for the coaching relationship

  • Discuss expectations of you and your coach in the coaching relationship

  • Get to know your sports and fitness background

  • Discuss your movement limitations and injury history

  • Uncover your motivations, goals and deepest driving forces (identify your WHY)

  • Review your lifestyle and nutrition needs

  • Understand current recovery habits and requirements for the future.



What You Will Get In

Swift & Strong™ Programming


No two humans are alike. At Riveroak, we embrace the beauty of individuality. Your training will be exclusively designed based off of your FMS, your unique lifestyle, & of course, your goals. Here is what a typical program package will look like:

  • Your primary Trainer will write all programs based off of up to date science & research & will work with you 1:1 at your desired pace.

  • Riveraok Training team will consult together to develop your individualized long term plan and progressions.

  • All training programs will be overseen by Lead Trainer. 

  • Nutritional prescriptions based upon your goals, with ongoing assessment and adaptations as necessary with oversight by Trainer.