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We believe knowledge is the first step to nutrition.


Can I ask you a question? Have you ever went on a diet and deprived yourself from the foods you love?

we sure have! If you're like us- once a diet

doesn't "allow" any sweets, well- I'm out of the

door. The point is, educating ourselves on what

our body truly needs to support an active healthy

lifestyle is the first step to getting your

nutrition under control. Without the proper

energy coming in, the results you're working

your a#s off to achieve can't happen- and who

wants to waste their time?

Not this crew! 

Okay. let's get into it...

To set some basics straight: to lose weight, you ultimately need to be burning more calories than you consume and vice versa for gaining weight. Gaining lean muscle mass can totally be achieved while you're in a calorie deficit (if your trying to lose weight) - so don't think you can't get stronger and more powerful while attempting to cut some body fat. Because of the "normal diet", losing weight seems to be the only reason for going on a diet.

How often do you meet someone other than some sort of body builder trying to gain weight? It all ultimately comes down to personal preference and those goals you have in mind at the end of the day, not only with the number on the scale but off the scale as well. In saying this, it's very important that we're not under or over eating to the point of excess fat loss or gain. The idea is to eat just enough to burn fat slowly or just enough to gain weight slowly. But how do we find out JUST how much we should be eating? Why tackle this subject blindly? Let's bring some science into it and get to the bottom of it. Bear with me, you got this!

Understand YOUR Macro-Nutrients

There are many ways to calculate how much of these nutrients you should be taking in, but let's keep things simple, shall we? It starts with knowing your BMR, (basal metabolic rate) which is how many calories are expended at rest, and also your TDEE, (total daily energy expenditure) the amount of calories you burn in a day.

We're talking Proteins, Carbohydrates, & Fats (Macro-nutrients) so check this out:

  • 1 gram of protein contains 4 calories

  • 1 gram of carbohydrate contains 4 calories

  • 1 gram of fat contains 9 calories

To make this simple, I'm going to break things down into the 3 different body types:

  • Ectomorph- Typically on the skinny side, small frame, lean muscle mass.

  • Mesomorph- Athletic & rectangular shape. Defined muscles.

  • Endomorph- Big boned, softer and rounder. Still awesome!

To find the caloric baseline for each of these types multiply the following:

  • Ectomorph - bodyweight (lbs.) X 16-17

  • Mesomorph - bodyweight (lbs.) X 15

  • Endomorph - bodyweight (lbs.) X 13-14

Let me give you an example:

If "John Doe" weighed in at an even 200 lbs, he would multiply 200 X 15 to get a total of 3000 calories a day as a rough but close baseline.

Now is when I need you to be completely honest with yourself and the goals you're training toward. This is the icing on the cake of your workout routine! (Yes I had to bring up cake!) As I said earlier, you will need to increase or decrease your calorie intake based on those goals. Instead of just cutting a set number of calories like 500, I've found that adding or subtracting a percentage of your TDEE is optimal in fat loss and to be honest, without going crazy! Again, this isn't a diet, this is a lifestyle with sweets and beer included! 

To add lean muscle mass - add 10-20% of your TDEE (total daily calories) to your TDEE. So for "John Doe" 10% increase from 3,000 calories would then equal 3,300 TDEE.

To lose weight (hopefully fat) - decrease 10-20% of your TDEE (total daily calories) to your TDEE. "John Doe" would cut 10% of 3,000 calories to put him at a TDEE of 2,700 calories.

Still with me?

Now you have a basic understanding of at least the calories you should be consuming. The proper amount of energy being put into your body is paramount in longevity and overall efficiency within your daily activities.

Who wants to workout with no energy and be moody all the time?

Yes, just about everything is linked to what you put in your body. Let's get back on track and figure out how much of these macro-nutrients our bodies need to be optimal beasts! 


Recommended per body type not accounting for activity levels: 

  • Ecto - 1.4g/lb. - 1.6g/lb.

  • Meso - 1.2g/lb. - 1.4g/lb.

  • Endo - 1.4g/lb. - 1.6g/lb.


What a concept: you need good healthy fat to burn fat. So eat up ya'll! 

Fat recommended per body type.

  • Ectomorphs – 24%-28% of total calories.

  • Mesomorphs – 17% – 23% of total calories.

  • Endomorphs – 23%-28% of total calories (fat intake is increased in order to reduce carbohydrate intake, as endomorphs may have a difficult time losing fat with higher carbohydrate intakes).


Fresh baked breads, pasta, rice-- you know, all the foods you're supposed to avoid to lose weight and finally get lean! Ew, I hope you truly don't believe that. Of course if you cut a substantial part of a healthy well rounded diet out you're going to lose weight. Carbs are absolutely essential in making sure your body is repairing and building properly. So: whatever calories that are left over after figuring out your protein and fat intake will then make up the total daily carbohydrate intake. For an example, if "John Doe" consumed 1000 calories from protein, and 500 calories from fat, he could ultimately have a carbohydrate intake of close to 1,000 calories.  

Finally, now that you have your daily macro requirements, fill them with foods you enjoy! Make sure you’re getting roughly 15g of dietary fibre for every 1,000 calories you are consuming & eating 1-2 servings of vegetables per day. I didn't spend a bunch of time on vegetables because everyone knows they need green veggies in their life. What people seem to be confused about is you can't just run 10 miles and keep a 6-pack with a smile on your face eating only kale. We need to be balanced in all aspect of our lives; nutrition is simply a good start. You will feel better, you will treat people better. You will have more patience through life's many escapades. Just breathe, and feast! You deserve it!



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