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Fear-Not Such A Bad Thing // trust yourself

Deep within the core of every human being there's something that lurks like a monster; dark and intangible. Its outward effects are unmistakable. Its source is hidden. You can find this emotion within embarrassment, argumentative protest, social camouflage, and even miserable isolation.

I'm talking about fear.

The unfortunate root of every man & every women's destruction. Without fear there is no blame. No blame = no conflict & no conflict = no destruction.

However, fear still lingers like a bad habit. But that last sentence is actually what this entire memo is about: embracing fear to make it work for you. Not the other way around. Taking control of an emotion by trusting in yourself and your overall ability to make decisions.

I'm sure we will confess to being afraid of violence and pain; ghosts perhaps. Terrorism, war, fear of rejection, fear of failure. Recognize your presence in any of these? How about sweating and working out in a public setting like a gym? Congratulations if this is you-

me too! It's a personal battle I have been dealing with since high school. The point is, the longer we wait to confront these fears the more delayed the changes you've been dying to make in your life are actually going to be achieved. Straight up.

For each and every one of us, as long as we are afraid and unwilling to see the full extent of our fear, we are simply contributing to madness. As long as we fail to recognize the need to isolate ourselves after outburst of anger & irritation, in the embarrassment, in the sense of failure, in our feelings of resentment and frustration, we curb our movement. We curb progress within ourselves & the others around us. This movement is about chartering our absolute best selves so that we can give our absolute best selves because that's what it's all about! It's okay to be a little fearful at times :) Embrace that. We can use that.

Nico M. | Lead C.P.T

Care to be human?

Also, check this article out about fear, I think you'll get something from it!

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