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Why, Pourquoi, Perché, Pam? // Time to Think

Top of the Mornin' Ladies & Gentleman! -

I hope all is well and sweaty in each of your fitness journey's as you're reading this! (well maybe not the sweaty part) -

I wanted to chat with ya'll about something I find very personal and intimate in this crazy hectic world of fitness that TBH has took my training to the next level. No it's not some crazy diet pill, or some breakthrough science that was just "discovered"- because as I'm sure you're aware of, you could maintain a full-time job attempting to keep up with the hundreds of new dietary and strength "breakthroughs". No, No, No. Think a little deeper...

Why did you actually get out of bed this morning?

Why did you actually spend money on a gym membership?

Why do you smile at the rude passerby?

Yes, it's that first word I would like to focus on for a second. WHY.

Merriam-Webster defines it- For what cause, reason, or purpose of

an action.

Asking myself this very question multiple times a day has brought a whole new meaning behind the reason I do the things that I do. It forces me to actually think through possible outcomes as well as how to perform optimal.

Think about your goals. Think about the people in your life. Think about what makes you & them happy. Doesn't that get you excited?! Those thing's are attainable to the fullest and believing that and incorporating those thoughts into your daily life is the first step to makin' some moves!

My tip to you, as you're pulling up to your gym session or getting ready for an at-home workout, I want you to gather your thoughts and gain a connection with your intentions. Remember why you showed up- remember why you got up this morning!! Whatever your goals are and whatever happened to

day at work that's pissin' you off; bring the two together for your workout and create a bolder, stronger, better you instantly.

Don't be sidelined by your thoughts, utilize them as tools to gain further understanding of yourself and even others around you.

Care to be human?™ is the complete embodiment of accepting we are not perfect to the slightest. It's finding beauty in the struggle and utilizing mistakes and imperfections to make ourselves better people. So, I ask you-

Care to be human?™

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