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You're a Badass - Don't Forget.

"Taking time to prepare & giving yourself ample oppertunities to succeed throughout your day is the key to absolute productivity." - The dude in all black below.

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What's up LEGENDS?! Nico here! Wanted to give you a little extra boost to get your mindset in kickass mode this week. I'm not going to preach about "woo hoo life is great & you can do it!" Although both of those statements are VERY true- to me, those type of statements are general cop outs evading deeper issues. That's another topic all in itself LOL This quick little reminder is about ownership. Not your asset amount but ownership of SELF. "Really, Nico? That's where we're going?" In order to reach all of those goals we talk about daily, accepting our actions as learning experiences & consistently learning from them is the absolute KEY! Not happy with your diet? Start meal prepping. Finally ready to get control of your body? Learn about your body. Hate your job? Get a new one. I promise you can. A client & friend of mine wrote a New York Times top selling book called "Claim Your Power." & in this he says this (I'm paraphrasing a bit), "Behind all not so good things you've done in life, the common denominator is you. Visa versa. Behind all the awesome things you've done in your life the common denominator is you." [re-read] The point is, YOU'RE F#CKING AWESOME! Even when you think you're not... Look at the situation as an experience to learn & adapt within your life. When we take ownership, we take expectations off of others around us. That's tough to do. I get it. But, just try for me. Please? When the person in front of you is driving mad slow, just remember they can't hear you yelling at them. And what if that person is a Marine decorated veteran with 1 leg he lost fighting for you while you were more than likely not at war. Interesting, huh? Let me know how it went. Let me know how difficult or not difficult it is to switch the perspective of the situation. Let's go kick some butt, shall we? #caretobehuman

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