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ITW Retreat 12 Days Out // I'm F#cking Excited!

...and FOCUSED!

With this being our teams first ever retreat, collectively we've been working our butts off & enjoying every minute of it.

Rachel & I [the leaders/creators] have been envisioning hosting similar retreats for years. Organically & with the guidance of our creator, we linked up & combined our crafts!

Into the Wild Retreat is going to be a TRUE HUMAN EXPERIENCE.

An experience of feelings.

Physical & emotional.

In my journey of healing, the more we can adjoin these 2 things, the more we can heal from the INSIDE OUT.

...can I be vulnerable with you?

This retreat is also inhibiting my healing, not just the participants.

As a leader, I will also admit the shame & fear that is attached from my past trauma's still exist.

Only through action am I learning that ACTION & ACCEPTANCE is true healing.

ITW Retreat is both.


In order to grow & breathe in new oxygen, new perspective, new wisdom, we must first act upon & accept our reality that WE HAVE CREATED.

Perhaps June 22nd will be the day will accept we have paved this path, this life, this reality way more than we may give ourselves credit for.

The good & the bad.

The point is, this day is about realization.

We're going to be surrounded by people who certainly aren't going to judge you, but love you. For being you. For surrendering if only for 1 day, to your true human instincts.

Instinctively, we're driven by love & passion.

Bring that love & passion to ITW.

You're 1,000% going to get that from my team & I.

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