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Are You Strong Enough To Run?

Running is primal. Running is humanistic. Running is the way of naturally decompressing + lubricating the body yet the overall yearly incidence rate for running injuries varies between 37 and 56%. [1] So, why is running so "tough" on the body? Let's begin with "shock absorption." Shock absorption refers to the process by which a mechanical or hydraulic device absorbs or dampens impact forces. In running, significant impact forces, 2.5-5x body weight, are acting on the body. This impact occurs during the initial contact and stance phase of gait. Basically, the moment the foot touches the ground, and the moment the knee is at peak bend. [2] Though jogging is predominantly happening in the saggital plane, when deconstructing the gait/jog pattern, we see with each step there's a brief moment where we're being stabilized by a single leg. Any time we're balanced on a single leg, albeit briefly, the movement now turns into a multi-dimensional or transverse plane pattern. So although jogging looks saggital plane at first, it actually is a multi-plane movement pattern. Single leg stabilization amongst core stabilization are KEY in our gait/running technique to prevent unwanted force on our ankles, knees, hips, lower back, and so on. If you find yourself in pain after a run, it may just be your body isn't ready to withstand the extra joint-force that occurs with running. However, our body is intrinsically designed to naturally absorb these impact forces when our body is free from muscular imbalances + facial restrictions. See, our day to day posture, stress levels + nervous state, injuries, etc. all have an impact on our body's efficiency to adapt + process stress. If we're trying to go for a jog with muscle imbalances + weakness's, the joints within our body are compromised negatively affecting their working capability + diminishing our capabilities of recovering. I'm writing about this because for the past 2 years I've been deconstructing + honing in on my own running technique. Running should be pain free and exhilarating + that's my intention with training. So, is your body prepped for that run you're about to go on? Follow along with these moves + have some fun. If you find these moves pretty challenging + you still find yourself in pain after your runs, stick with these moves for now until they're easy.

You got this! See video below for pre-run mobility + activation.


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