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*Caution* This Gets Real.

Yo Legends!


Nico here..

There's a very good chance I'm about to dive into something that a ton of people are not going to want to read about.

& Why you ask?

I want to talk about ownership.

& ownership of self.


I've been tapping into some amazing developments with some of our on-site clients & Riveroak & to be honest, the energy surrounding these healing's HAS ME EXCITED!

Excited for them.

Excited for growth.

When these beautiful people walked into 125 South Lexington Avenue.. there lives changed.

They felt like they were in a place they could truly embrace WHO THEY ARE. & NOT WHO THEIR CIRCUMSTANCES SAID THEY ARE.

Look, life is fucking rough.

I'm not going to negate that fact at all.

But, what this post is about.....

This world & this life is not here to fuck with you...

It's here to guide you, my friend.

This life is about trial & error.

To be frank..

We are always going to make mistakes.

Don't let those mistakes define you, please.

Let those mistakes be your motivation for specific ways to tweak your CURRENT SITUATION.

If some shits not working, figure out WHY.

Be specific.

Attach goals surrounding the specificity.


The universe is going to give you EXACTLY what the fuck you're putting out there.

For real, For real.

Yes, this entire blog post is about ownership of OUR ACTIONS & THOUGHTS.