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Fitness, life. Different, or the same?


  1. the condition of being physically fit and healthy.

How general and misleading..

What about say, mental fitness?

Spiritual fitness?

Cognitive fitness? (Being able to focus on a single task)

Relationship fitness?

We could keep going.. The point I'm trying to make off the top is, being physically fit is one thing. Being healthy, mind, body, + soul is a where the magic is. Understanding, our workouts and a variability of meditation. Our conversations during the day enhance our sense of well-being and community. Our tasks and joys bring is fulfillment which leads to our ultimate purpose...


Fitness, is ultimately about have the tolerance to utilize the least amount of energy whilst going through tasks be that physical [working out] mental [creating or dreaming] or spiritual [meditating]. The more we do, the more we adapt, whether good or bad.


You ever see an athlete, shaman, or professor make something look so easy, when we're all looking like, "How the F did they just do that?" When we look at our biology, we're talking about an organism being able to survive and adapt within an environment.. our environment isn't based strictly off of physical components. Think about the stress that comes along with an environment. Think about the anxiety that comes from having to deliver that presentation in front of a bunch of people, or getting ready for an interview...

Now we're talking fitness. Generally, our body feels first, our brain reacts and then tells our body what to do next. Check this image out below...

When we learn that our day to day decisions ultimately are effecting our

LIFE FITNESS, I think a major breakthrough could start to happen. Going to the gym can be stressful, be aware of it and alter maybe the time of day you go, or maybe even the gym that you're going to. Same if you're seeing a therapist you're not totally vibing with [been there], ditch em'.. find someone else. We might be holding ourselves back looking through wellness and healing through a single lens of fitness is simply physical health...

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