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Foundational + Functional Personal Training | On-site + Remote

Through thousands of hours of formal + operational experience, our team of experts leverage foundational + functional strength modalities as well as restorative based movements in order to curate a well-rounded + balanced approach to fitness + recovery.

How We Work
Get To Know Riveroak Fitness+


Nico here, I'm the Lead Trainer & Co-owner of Riveroak Fitness & I'm pumped you found us! I've been an athlete my whole life but really dedicated my life in 2015 to gaining a deep understanding of the way we operate as humans.

We're not designed to be in pain, we're designed to thrive & achieve.


That's what I can help you with! 

Nico | CPT. CES. PES.


We begin our sessions getting to know you through our assessment process. Authenticity is key is in this phase as we gather subjective/objective information about you and your body. 


Applying a mixed modality approach of foundational + functional strength, mobility, endurance + agility, we'll work WITH you to design a protocol to reach your goals.


3 Month Progression



"Working with Nico has helped me level up across the board. Embodying the power he's helped draw out of me has even leveled up my business!

Kiki C.

Feb. 2022

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