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Cheers, to 4 Years Open In Asheville!

It's pretty humbling + exciting all at the same time to have made it to the 4 year mark since opening up in Asheville, North Carolina

I've literally trained with hundreds of amazing people in this area and all around the country and are super grateful for every single training moment along the way.

Four Things I've learned along this journey.

1. As a trainer, we can't be everything for everyone. Find your niche, own it, and be confident referring out. Respect ideal demographic.

2. Focus goes where energy flows. You can't force someone to train + get healthier. Influence is one thing, but helping people when they're ready is important.

3. More people more problems. Be careful who you hire + bring into your business. Make sure intentions are pure and end goal is in alignment.

4. Never stop learning. Both in the books + client application. Being able to communicate knowledge within an accessible perspective from client to client is the most important thing.

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