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1 Year Down - 1 Year of Love.

-An Update on Riveroak-

1 Year of Memories Working With Such a Diverse & Amazing Group.

After 1 year of being open & active in our community, we're just now reaching our stride of potential. We want to be in a position to enable & empower people with all different walks of life to simply, MOVE. And move in a way that promotes positive reactions in our amazing bodies. Here's some additions we've added in the last year to maximize our capabilites to help the community. Check out our 1 year celebration dance with Staci & Nico- LOL ------>

New to Riveroak

We're always looking for ways to personally grow into our best. Here's some ways how.

  • Riveroak Yoga [2 Different styles to shock the body for tone & mobility.] Live on the schedule.

  • Swift Bootcamp. With our semi-private training, getting in shape is never a financial burden. Coming Weekends.

  • Our 2 new squad Members. Staci & Audra. Staci is now accepting new individual clients while Audra is focusing on building our yoga program.

  • Adding "open gym" hours throughout the week.

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