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Is "Gluten-Free" For You? (If not, it's killing your progress)

Good Morning Team!

Taking some time out of my morning to enjoy some tea from City Bakery Café & also to come at ya'll with a bit of good information.

It seems every where I go & I literally mean everywhere- someone is trying to sell me either gluten free cookies or telling me how great their new "gluten-free" lifestyle is working for them. As you know, grocery stores & restaurants everywhere are stocking their shelves and selling more gluten-free products than ever before. As we become more aware of what we put into our bodies and what goes into the process of bringing food to the table, there also comes a lot of "breakthrough" science to either back the research or debunk the research.

I love how much thought we are putting into the food we eat! It truly is amazing to know those with diseases like coeliac (no gluten) now have so many options to choose from at restaurants & at grocery stores. Once upon a time, gluten-free foods were available by prescription only... You couldn't just go to the grocery and buy whatever foods you desired.

However, what this blog is about--- spontaneously embarking on a new gluten-free adventure seeking weight loss and healthy results is ONLY a trend!

I have news for you, if you're convinced gluten-free is saving calories and the "healthy option", you have been duped! Let's get to the bottom of this craziness & figure out what the heck this gluten stuff is & why gluten free might not be for you.

What the heck is Gluten? We're talking 2 different protein groups being brought together by water-

Gliadin & Glutenin.

This combined structure is what gives the said structure such elasticity (think of bread dough). A common misconception is that Gluten-Free means to avoid wheat products however, gluten is found in other grains such as barley and rye. So when we're talking Gluten-Free, we're actually talking complete avoidance to sauces, stock cubes, and sweets. Lost ya yet?

Why you SHOULD eat Gluten, if you can-- Unfortunately, gluten itself really doesn't offer a significant nutritional value. However, the foods that contain gluten do! These gluten products have a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Cut gluten out with being diagnosed (we'll talk Coeliac disease in a bit) and you severely put yourself at risk of not meeting your bodies requirements. Nutritional deficiencies lead to medical issues and a slew of health problems especially if you are working out. Vitamin B. Calcium. Iron. Zinc. Magnesium. Fiber. All these are crucial in the proper functioning of our cells. By eating products that contain gluten, you ensure the nutrients are being digested regularly. Taking away gluten, you will need to ensure you're getting these nutrients from other sources which can be extremely difficult.

So, What's Coeliac Disease?

We're talking a very serious medical condition that forces people to avoid gluten. Not by dietary choice, it's a responsive must. What happens is the immune system reacts adversely to gluten and damages the lining of the small intestines preventing vital nutrients from being absorbed. About 1% of the population suffers from such a disease. That's right, 1%. The 1% must include gluten-free products into their diet to prevent major illness from happening. Side effects are extreme: Pain, Bloating, Anaemia, & even Osteoporosis.


Please don't remove gluten because a co-worker did, or because it's #trending unless you genuinely have a condition that warrants such removal.

Eating a gluten-free diet equates to a very strict regimen paying constant attention to food labels and planning accordingly ensuring you're actually getting your bodies recommended amount of nutrients. Check this out..

-Zero evidence shows gluten-free is healthier to the non-coeliac individual!

-Zero evidence in aiding in weight loss!

Food should be enjoyable! It's simple. Eat the foods you love. If gluten-free tastes better to you, eat away! As long as you understand what the heck it is you're digesting.

For me, I can't even think of a world without pasta, pizza & pastries full of gluten, but that's just me :) Above all, find what YOU love and eat it guilt free.

Care to be human?

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