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New Journey = New Blog

So, you've happened to stumble upon the very first writings of something I've envisioned for years of my life. And no this vision isn't simply blogging for my very own webpage (although this is very exciting!!!); or becoming an NBA basketball star like every boy on my P.A.L basketball team wanted to be. What this vision's really about is having the chance to actually make some sort of a movement in my community that exists beyond anything material. This movement targets the soul.

This movement is about you.

It's about taking the insecurities and weaknesses that makes us who we are and growing off of them. See, a majority of my life I was envious of others natural abilities. I would try to emulate other athletes in ways not realizing that not only is that unrealistic, it's unsustainable.

And besides, who has time to try and be someone else? It was when I really started to embrace my body and skills the good Lord had blessed me with that ultimately turned my focus internally. It was a matter of accepting I'm not ever going to be like these Instagram "models;" that I CAN have a bad day in the gym and it's okay. This process of getting into the absolute best shape mentally and physically is certainly one that can be intimidating and tough at times, sure. But it's a process. A process if done correctly, can take you from good to badass. I'm in this business to help my clients become the absolute strongest, boldest, toughest them they never knew they could be.

Care to be human?

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