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Makin' Moves // Stayin' Positive

Hey Team!

I wanted to catch ya'll up on the status of Riveroak Fitness' upcoming Asheville location and how this experience is teaching us a lot about adapting and overcoming in everyday life in general.

As you might know, we were very excited to be open to train early in April 2017 only to have been enlightened by a greater opportunity in the very last minute. (I worded that strategically)

To be honest, my first reaction was anger. I felt betrayed by the real estate company.

I mean, we were ready to bust a move & months of planning and preparation were perceptibly wasted. However, when one door closes-another opens and I believe that 100%. This situation at first seemed brutal and pessimistic only to turn into a productive and beneficial move for Riveroak Fitness. We genuinely want to deliver the best form of personal and group training possible to the Asheville area and we need the space to properly do that.

Trust me on this, this is happening. This passion to bring the love of fitness to this community is one of the greatest feelings I've experienced. And in this world where it seems as though division and judgmental hate is in the norm, I believe this space can be a H.Q for positive energy and empowerment to spread throughout our community.

Love & Passion are contagious. Lets strive to be at our absolute best mentally, physically, & emotionally so we're able to reach out to others and spread that love and confidence because this influence is monumental! We need that in our community.

"Let me embrace thee, sour adversity, for wise men say it is the wisest course."

-W. Shakespeare

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