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It's All About You - Duh!

Hey you- Welcome back!

I’ve been chatting & getting to know some very wonderful new people in these mountains and I’m so very excited to start working with each and every one of you!

There’s going to be some serious moves being made, I know you’re ready though!

One thing I firmly believe in is being receptive to feedback and genuinely listening to how others feel about certain subjects. I love to learn and listen from ya’ll because it helps not only Riveroak Fitness all together in delivering the best environment for you to grow as a person but it challenges each of us as individuals as well.

Some of the feedback I’ve received from clients is that getting started is the kicker- & not only because past trainers left them dissatisfied or they had a bad experience of some sort-----

It’s because this whole fitness thing can be a bit intimidating. Do you agree?

The boisterousness of iron slamming and giant men and women screaming about protein seems a bit much wouldn’t you say?! And not only the sounds, the women on the stair climber looks like a Greek Goddess, and that guy with 4% body fat is literally lifting a ton!

Maybe I’m exaggerating but my point is, not only can a gym setting be a little uncomfortable it paints an unrealistic picture of what “getting in shape” looks like because it’s so different for every person. Understand, there’s people out there that workout for a living and have time and money to devote solely their physique. There’s people who have been “at it” for many years and have figured out their style of staying in shape.

Like with anything, this fitness thing takes time and you should never judge your progress off of someone else’s. YOU ARE DIFFERENT- I AM DIFFERENT! It’s the beauty of it all; how boring if we were all the same- but it begins with you embracing yourself during this journey. So, don’t worry about Greek Goddess on the stair climber or the guy lifting a million pounds- focus on doing the absolute best you can that day and trust yourself.

You got this, but you have to trust yourself.

There’s going to be some serious moves being made, I know you’re ready though!

Back to work..

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