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SWIFT. A functional bootcamp.


This 50 minute session will focus on total body functionality & mobility.

What do we mean by functionality? We mean mastering the basic movements within our human system & develop a connection within those movements. It's a session that prepares us to kick ass throughout the week & allows us to not be reactive to life's daily stresses by staying ahead of them and embracing them.

The name Riveroak comes from the Miami Indian tribe & has the meaning of "Swift as a River, & Strong as an Oak."

This session is about being just that. Strong in our core & foundation, & mobile & resilient enough to overcome obstacles in life. This bootcamp has a place for all athletes no matter where you are in your journey. 💥✔ Care to be human?


SWIFT. A functional bootcamp - Schedule


& 6:15p.m


Saturday 10:00a.m

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