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Whats up fitfam!

I JUST HAD A BREAKTHROUGH. & needed to share.

Anyone close to me knows how outspokenly grateful I am for eastern medicine & specifically Chinese acupuncture.

I’m sure each of you can connect with me when I say some of the most amazing lessons are learned when the physical & emotional pain is the worst.

I found this amazing community of healers through one of the worst injuries of my life.

I once believed another person could fix & help my body. Like a magician, perhaps.

This led to a ton of misconceptions of basic movement as well a ton of misconceptions towards the role we accept towards being a human.

I just had an amazing conversation with my new friend Rachel, specifically in the regards of taking responsibility for our bodies. That being healthy & aware is not a privilege, its's a responsibility.

Being able to afford a gym membership, Lululemon, & organic food isn't the key to us tapping into our physical & mental health…It's accepting our ROLE AS HUMANS. Making the absolute best out of EVERY situation.

What this post is about is finding the good in the bad. The ying & the yang.

Years ago, I blacked out on the table of a local chiropractor after a ton of pops in by back. By no means is this taking shots at this practice. This is only my experience.

It was like someone put a knife into my side.

Instantly I knew things weren’t right. I called up my roommate to scoop me up & get my ass home- because driving WASN’T going to happen.

Long story short, my LPHC (Lower Lumbo Pelvic Hip Complex) was completely strained.

After 2 weeks of numerous locked muscle spasms === LOTS OF FUCKING PAIN!

I made it to the Chinese Acupuncturist in Montford.

I bawled my eyes in pain nearly the entire time, especially when i met Anne because i instantly knew she understood what I was going through. I knew she was going ACTUALLY help me and fix this shit for good.

& she did. I will FOREVER be grateful for her & her entire team including Josh. (You'll hear his name later)

But this post is about this breakthrough I had TODAY after over a year of seeing these beautiful souls.

It’s now been almost 2 years from the time they helped me through this injury & I can honestly say that I'm 200% healed from that traumatic craziness of an injury.


Our bodies hold onto trauma & stress & actually FUNCTION off of those memories.

Ever said, “Nah, I don’t move that way because it hurts”? That’s because our brains run from pain like passive lames.