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Whats up fitfam!

I JUST HAD A BREAKTHROUGH. & needed to share.

Anyone close to me knows how outspokenly grateful I am for eastern medicine & specifically Chinese acupuncture.

I’m sure each of you can connect with me when I say some of the most amazing lessons are learned when the physical & emotional pain is the worst.

I found this amazing community of healers through one of the worst injuries of my life.

I once believed another person could fix & help my body. Like a magician, perhaps.

This led to a ton of misconceptions of basic movement as well a ton of misconceptions towards the role we accept towards being a human.

I just had an amazing conversation with my new friend Rachel, specifically in the regards of taking responsibility for our bodies. That being healthy & aware is not a privilege, its's a responsibility.

Being able to afford a gym membership, Lululemon, & organic food isn't the key to us tapping into our physical & mental health…It's accepting our ROLE AS HUMANS. Making the absolute best out of EVERY situation.

What this post is about is finding the good in the bad. The ying & the yang.

Years ago, I blacked out on the table of a local chiropractor after a ton of pops in by back. By no means is this taking shots at this practice. This is only my experience.

It was like someone put a knife into my side.

Instantly I knew things weren’t right. I called up my roommate to scoop me up & get my ass home- because driving WASN’T going to happen.

Long story short, my LPHC (Lower Lumbo Pelvic Hip Complex) was completely strained.

After 2 weeks of numerous locked muscle spasms === LOTS OF FUCKING PAIN!

I made it to the Chinese Acupuncturist in Montford.

I bawled my eyes in pain nearly the entire time, especially when i met Anne because i instantly knew she understood what I was going through. I knew she was going ACTUALLY help me and fix this shit for good.

& she did. I will FOREVER be grateful for her & her entire team including Josh. (You'll hear his name later)

But this post is about this breakthrough I had TODAY after over a year of seeing these beautiful souls.

It’s now been almost 2 years from the time they helped me through this injury & I can honestly say that I'm 200% healed from that traumatic craziness of an injury.


Our bodies hold onto trauma & stress & actually FUNCTION off of those memories.

Ever said, “Nah, I don’t move that way because it hurts”? That’s because our brains run from pain like passive lames.

& how? You ask….

Our brain compartmentalizes the trauma induced stress within the cells of the soft tissue of our bodies.. [Our muscles & fascia]

For almost 2 years now, my body continuously wants to resort back to those series of traumatic pops that happened on that chiropractors table.

For almost 2 years, I have been running from the pain.

But it doesn’t physically hurt. (Most of the time)

Throughout my days, my brain wants to function off of my memories. And my memories towards that injury & area that of my body aren’t positive AT ALL.

and....... those memories, SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF ME!

They hurt like HELL!

So for a split second and I’m talking millimeters of seconds. I can feel that pain from the originally injury.


Because in my mind, this trauma & this pain is negative.


This trauma that exist, isn’t negative. In fact, it’s positive.

It furthers out #caretobehuman message of turning our mess into our message.

This trauma IS going to exist in my life & its NOT going anywhere.

It’s up to me to accept, & RESPECT that.

My acupuncturist this evening hit me with THAT GOOD GOOD. Josh said, “that trauma is you, & apart of you forever.”

“Apart of me forever.”

This was a matter of acceptance, yo.

I thought that i was going to BIOHACK this injury & just out strengthen it. I thought i could outsmart the trauma from the injury.


Yes, the injury is fixed. But the trauma exist. & it lives in the cells that makeup the muscles & fascia in that area.

My trauma is MY TRAUMA. & it’s not negative. It’s a piece of me.

You’re trauma is a piece of you.

Don’t run from it. In fact--- run to it & be assertive with the root problem. Go deeper than topical.

Environment, influence, etc. this all matters.

These Chinese Acupuncturist are liberating me from my own body. Our bodies can be prisons.

Let’s feel enough to expose our own vulnerabilities...shall we?

With this alone, we will find happiness.

We will find fulfillness.

I love you- remember that.


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